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Aesthetic Human

In principle, one would think that many human characteristics, such as the aesthetic sense, a calm presence, consciousness of the spiritual laws, the maintenance and cultivation of ethical values, etc. are aspects that little or nothing to do with efficacy in human affairs. However, this is not true for several reasons. In principle the human being is a unit and live there while various aspects and dimensions of its own, it is all a mistake that there are several different things within oneself. This observation is an undeniable practical effect since it implies that everything matters and that each of these important features when considering the personal endeavor. As a specific illustration may be cited the importance of spirituality in higher education (Scott, 2004). This perspective is quite a change of the existing features of academic institutions formerly dominated by extreme fragmentation and specialization. And the reason for this necessary change lies in the fact of what is today's world and what are the problems that must be addressed.

Indeed, globalization is already a fact human and otherwise extremely complex issues arise that require new capabilities to address them. And many of these new features are eminently spiritual nature. Thus, by way of example above may be mentioned what we all know about the effects on aggressive human beings that they inflicted on our planet and simultaneously to the fact that our world is waking up to a community awareness and committed to the global evolution . While these two aspects appear to pose a strange paradox, they are intimately linked and its resolution is suing the emergence of a new level of individual identity, a greater sense of collective responsibility and a clear purpose regarding the human destiny.

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