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Only vertigo or fear, and the fourth is titled poem of this first part. It is a complex poem on your screen, simple in form, which talks about something so important for a human being as is the identity, through this poem the poet describes himself. But let's start at the beginning. William writes: There is a foreign air in this house … (Source: software engineer). Place, identity / nothing changed and everything, / however, different. These adjectives, foreign, different, refer to time, to life and even the person, men and women.

There is an essay entitled All that is solid melts into air, which in part explains this verse: everything changes in this modern life, which was yesterday is not today, but leave traces. Everything that we love or hate, it disappears, except in our memory, which more or less faithfully reproduce the facts and the details of life than we might define as the past, think about the fact that we have lived other lives that we suddenly are strange. Here, Mitchel Resnick expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The memory is true only when it can put into words, especially in the poetic word. Bill also defines us childish ignorance of death – joy / death not knowing where they live. Then the poet writes about the weather, the great subject of poetry, and juxtaposes past, present and future are confused by the hand of the word, word that needs to be invented to name a past that is presented as if the future. Poetic language names the miracle of the "impossible practical 'can last suceder.Ese comeback is not dead but alive past, symbolized in the voice of the mother, the patio, the sun, the disease.

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