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Mental Problems

This construction leads to something to do as a result, facing a mental difficulty in five stages: 1) development of suggestions, 2) intellectualization of the difficulty, 3) scenario, 4) reasoning and 5) testing of hypotheses. Thus the rationality of reflective thought: enables the action with a goal conscious, b) makes possible the systematic work and the invention also improve things with meaning. In the text mention the relationship between thought and rationality as a method a It's probably good thinking when the subject is attitudes of care, rigor, etc. a . Although it departs from the formal logic by referring to the real thinking occurs in a context that this logic does not take into account.

"Rationality is lead to operational harmony between different desires. rationality, as a review of knowledge critical basis of the analysis, debate and argument, for Dewey the rationality of reflective thinking is the ability to learn, evolve over time. The rationale for Dewey is the correspondence between ends and means. Thought is not a cluster of sensory impressions, or the production of something called a concienciaa , much less a manifestation of a Espiritu absolutoa , but a mediating role and instruments that had evolved to serve the interests of survival and human welfare. This theory of knowledge stresses the a necesidad check thinking through the operation if it wants to become 'knowledge . Thought is a tool of man to learn. Dewey is ultimately applied rational in the everyday in society through reflective inquiry.

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