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The origin of the five S is in their names in Japanese, all words beginning with S; Seiri (sort), Seiton (arrange), Seiso (clean), (welfare) Seiketsu and Shitsuke (discipline), as you can see, to translate them into the Spanish no begins with S. This method has been integrated to the enterprise quality certifications, you can implement it today. The first 3 points relate to things. 1 Classification. Separate the things that serve as they do not serve, what is required of the unnecessary, far enough away from the excessive. It is common to find useless things are clogging, as well as consumer items in good condition which are no longer used, you must classify all.

Get rid of what doesn’t use, them you can sell, donate or throw, but already not occupy him space in the company. 2. Organization. Everything must have an order and a location to locate it easily when needed. * Sort by alphabetic or numeric keys. * Designates a place for every thing by priority of usage, the frequent user put them close to you and those of sporadic use Save to a loquer or warehouse. 3.

Cleaning. It is an indispensable in the areas of labour rule, remove dirty things, also includes paint or touch up so they have a better appearance. The company is responsible for cleaning, but each who must deal with his work area, clean before starting work, when you exit leave everything tidy, clean and in place, over time will become a habit. The 2 following items relate to people. 4. Personal well-being. It’s the worker’s physical and mental health, so consider the following: * toiletries and personal grooming, bathing daily, well groomed, and clean clothes. * Be cautious on the consumption of alcohol, smoking or harmful substances that create addiction. * Power balanced condition of hygiene. * Position in your work area. * Rest enough, sleep and live with family and friends. Do all what they consider necessary to maintain a balance between the physical, mental and spiritual. 5 Discipline. Be strict with the 5 points, does not tolerate mistakes, a balanced and healthy working environment is accomplished with discipline. * Make sure your behaviour at work. * Cultivate the habit of fellowship and solidarity. Discipline is a very powerful weapon to progress at work, preach with example. We said that it is the technique of the S 5, we’re going to add an H. Refers to home, analyze the five points that you implant system in your home, works the same but with better results, your home is the most important part of you. It is not enough to have good intentions, it is necessary to do so on a daily basis, at the beginning it is difficult, you can compare it with the launch of a rocket, at first it requires lots of energy, but then the effort is minimal. Propose a plan of 21 days to overcome the resistance to change, the benefit is great. If you apply it in your home, the fruits are even larger, get started today. Ramon Salop original author and source of the article.

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