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Assistance checks, are mechanisms used to keep a record of the hours worked by an employee of a company. There are mechanical systems that function to insert a tab, card or form of assistance; into the Groove of a clock. When the attendance card makes contact with the bottom of the slot, the machine prints the day and the hour in which I took out this process. With this system you can calculate the official record of laboradas hours of each employee. There are also slightly more primitive systems, but which are still being used today. Example of this are the forms of assistance, that are left in the reception of a company. Upon arrival, each employee write your signature and your time of entry.

Turning to more sophisticated assistance controls, there are systems that make use of electronic cards. The advantage with these cards is that they also function as access control system. In this way, is assigned to an employee a card, which will go through a reader when you arrive at your job, then the system will allow Enter your place of work, and to register your arrival time. When using a control of assistance, based on cards, you can count on several possibilities. As a result, the use of cards of barcode, magnetic stripe or proximity card cards can be implemented. Each of these versions has its advantages and disadvantages. However, proximity cards are that attract most attention.

With the systems mentioned above may be an attendance control, but these systems depended on the ethics of employees, which was not always present. As a result, had to rethink each of these systems. As a result created biometric clocks; for the control of assistance. These biometrics systems take record of arrival and departure of employees, to analyze personal attributes, instead of cards, payroll or other external accessories. Examples of these systems are clocks with hand readers, fingerprint and retina. The purpose of these mechanisms is to end with the traps, which some employees discuss with regularity, while implants a system of access control more strict, because only persons registered in the database of the system, may make the entry to a place guarded by these biometric clocks. In: you will find more information about support for biometric clocks controls, and other biometric systems.

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