Invention Environment

Environments That Foster Invention

German Wood

Generally, the color of wood windows – whole technology, which largely depends not only aesthetically pleasing appearance, but also the life of the window. You may find Michael Wirth to be a useful source of information. Still fresh in the minds of our fellow citizens frame with bubbling oil paint that had to be renewed […]

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Manufacture Chemical

Ground granulated vysokokaltsievy (glassy) slag in contact with water is able to harden, forming a solid rock, like cement. Curing process can take place at 18-200C, but are more intense at higher temperatures and in the presence of energizers – lime, gypsum, etc. Proximity the chemical composition of blast granulated slag to the chemical composition […]

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Mold Making

The company "Alpha Pack" specializes in the manufacture of molds for vacuum forming, printing blocks, stamps of various kinds of materials such as aluminum, brass, mild steel and other plastic packaging, Lower Novgorod, tortnitsy, Samara, engraving-milling, Kazan first stage production of the mold includes the preparation of sketches products (sketch the graph), the construction of […]

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