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Mold Making

The company "Alpha Pack" specializes in the manufacture of molds for vacuum forming, printing blocks, stamps of various kinds of materials such as aluminum, brass, mild steel and other plastic packaging, Lower Novgorod, tortnitsy, Samara, engraving-milling, Kazan first stage production of the mold includes the preparation of sketches products (sketch the graph), the construction of 3D models,. Designing the mold includes the design and elaboration of the model separation assembly model for individual structural elements. If you would like to know more then you should visit Mitchel Resnick. Preparation of each element, registration details and parting line as dampers, signs, boxes and location of the mold. Of particular importance is gating system. Avoid or minimize warping, stains, and other defects slitiny possible using computer simulation mold filling process. LEGO Papert Professor has similar goals. Also, if it is possible to control the distribution of the melt temperature, flow rates and other parameters. At the initial stage of the production molds, all existing ideas, drawings are transferred to computer, which by means of specific programs by designing molds.

In the design of molds used CAD / CAM systems, automated, pass-through design. System design Mold Mold-Works for SolidWorks is intended for automation of work tasks and the designer of automated layout molds. Check the mold to "poured out" conducted on a computer using the Mold – flow analysis. Leading suppliers of computer software in design and manufacturing of molds, dies – are the company's Unigraphics, ProEngineer, Cimatron. The first stage is critical to determine the required amount of work on the second stage of manufacturing molds, as determined by the required set of standard and special products needed for the manufacture of molds.

Making molds second stage of the production molds includes the construction of (the order of standard parts, workpieces, production of special elements of the mold), prototyping, and direct the assembly of the mold. Modern technology significantly reduce the time mold mold making. Extensive experience of our staff allows us to produce high quality products. Manufacture of molds, Astrakhan, blister packaging, Vladikavkaz, aprons, Moscow, tubes, Voronezh Our company uses the latest software, which enables the design of molds on the basis of mathematical models of any complexity to the development of NC programs for machines with CNC. Experienced designers will develop an individual style for your packaging with all the technological features of the product.

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