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Important recommendation to invest in stock market taking care of his portfolio one of the most common problems that new investors have to invest in stock market is the size of the investment through its portfolio. Many new investors, once had a couple of good results increase your portfolio, or that add more money to your investment. This can be a big mistake if it is making it without protecting your investment, because the size of a briefcase or portfolio, not only can increase revenue, but it can also increase the losses when the market trend changes. Andrew Wilson EA has compatible beliefs. Maybe because they take as a reference to invest in stock market thinking that if I buy when already low, I’ll be averaging the price and thus barely raise action can make a profit in a way more fast another common mistake is to increase the size of a portfolio after having suffered a loss, hoping to be able to recover what was lost. This is the moment in which the investor in a State of increased vulnerability, as it is involved in emotional way with loss that took and an increase of money in his portfolio you can lead to large losses. n the matter.

Recommendation to invest in stock market taking care of your portfolio the best thing a person to invest in stock market can do is reduce the risk after having experienced one or more losses, there is no forget that the most important thing is taking care of the money invested. Capital loss limits the possibilities of recover from losses and can make sure the new inverter is outside the market by reluctance, lack of motivation to invest in bag or fear to lose all the money that I use in your investment. On the other hand, when the inverter is successful feels invincible, owner of the world, a true Superman, then Mr. Mercado takes care of reminding you that it is one mortal. The market does not discriminate. . The market must respect it and listen to it and follow its trend since the it is always right and is the investor who may be on the wrong side or the right side. Why it is so important to be protecting the capital when one invests since many times you won’t be able to predict the whims of the Sr market. For more profit and less risk Alejandro Tugender Experto in safe investments invest in stock market

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