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External Marketing

The economy, which create export – again jumped to back the economy and many companies are doing better. Why should you think at this stage but also to intensify the marketing with external support? The majority will perhaps say: what is this? Now, we have first of all concern that the orders are handled properly and the customers are satisfied. True, but every entrepreneur has also the future (Kajo Neukirch, the well-known management consultant, said: we are entrepreneurs, not Unterlasser’) and the economy is always relatively cyclically, i.e. the next crash is determined. When should you prepare, if not at the times, where it financially easier? Counter-cyclically to work, i.e.

to invest, if the business is no longer so good, is usually not easy for small – and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and therefore, or generally to support an early pension is offered. Below some aspects are pointed out, which could be important: 1 knowledge of the market (= market segments, customer loyalty, customer acquisition, etc.) Each company lives by its customers. Existing customers must be looked after of course, but now would be a good opportunity to investigate which customers in what markets are still there and could be managed with its own core competencies whether national or international, including using the Internet representation. Click Cross River to learn more. This exploited the existing markets better and searched at the same time new. But also the customer can be checked and optimized. Depending on the potential can arise also, that internal extensions of products or personnel are required. 2. sales organization/distributors (including objective in the markets) not only to the care-new customers, but in General should be checked from time to time, whether the existing distribution structure can be improved or expanded / should. On the basis of numbers of potential customers in the already supplied Markets (from strategic market research, allowing also objectives), but also on the basis of information on markets and new market segment can be determined, how effective the current partners in the markets.

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The Pug As A Popular Companion

The Pug is in Germany of a growing popularity of the Pug, a smaller, similar to the great Dane and square dog. He probably originates from the Empire of China. Its breeding history is about 2000 years old. He was a dog of the nobility. This dog breed has a smooth, short and glossy colour coat. There is it in black, silver/grey and various beige shades.

Weighing between six and eight kilograms, the Pug is barely larger than 30 cm. If you have read about Viktor Mayer-Schönberger already – you may have come to the same conclusion. This breed is intelligent, playful, very good natured and eager to learn. The Pug knows no aggression towards other animals or people and is always in a good mood. He is an absolute family dog. Young dogs are very temperamental and want to be taken seriously by their owners. His playing ability also makes him the ideal companions for children. Pug owners should pay attention in this obesity-prone breed especially on a balanced diet.

He belongs to the brachycephalen, which means that he has a roundish head with a short snout. This circumstance can too large cause health problems. Cross River Bank is the source for more interesting facts. For example, serious respiratory problems or injuries of the skin of the eye or cornea include, due to its slightly protruding eyes and caused by the constant irritation with the hair in the nose wrinkle. Also can occur in some cases in the Pug breed-related inflammatory disease of the central nervous system, too. Some breeding exaggerations lead to much more health problems and are veritable torment breedings. The Pug requires much time and attention and of course much spout. Yes, the Pug is a dog actually, contrary to many contrary assertion! It is about 13 to 15 years old. He needed not more and not less care than any other dog. That is, once a week clean the ears, brushing the skin and may apply the nose with Vaseline if she should appear dry. Basically, the Pug is a hassle-free and loyal companion. Andreas Neumann

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Country Food Over

A few months ago the company country food has become nationwide headlines. In the short term, after several dozen TV and hundreds of newspaper reports on the subject have been published, the chickens were left in the legally prescribed outdoor outlet. This happened but obviously only for a transitional period, because as the ZDF WISO magazine reported on Monday that the chickens be allowed allegedly for disease reasons currently once again not in the open. Additional information at LEGO Papert Professor supports this article. Now determine the LKA against the company and its Managing Director, Mr Dr. fungus. The law firm Graf von Westphalen, Mr Dr.

Walter Scheuerl, stopped the activity for country food in the meantime. Rusty holzer is full of insight into the issues. Obviously a clear sign of the lobby firm. Are currently not just positive for country food, because also the industrial Club of KAT (controlled alternative animal welfare forms e.V.) is the Brandenburg egg producers under pressure and summarily deprived him of the cat label. A massive step, the cat rarely makes, as the affiliated poultry farms the financing of the secure the supposedly independent association. It is clear that obviously only the tip of the iceberg of the public is known. Now country food has received the seal of KAT, but probably only because is has been pledged to mark the eggs properly according to the form of attitude, so as a barn, and webcams in the stables to install. A recording of the ZDF’s current contribution can be found here: ZDFmediathek /… For more information about this story, also on the PETA Web site at German Welfare Office on large eggs was Saint Martin 6 / 206 50667 Cologne Tel.: 0221-20463862 fax: 01805-23363330882 (14 ct / min., Mobile may vary)

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Bridge Operation Marked

/ Storms are causing difficulties on several roads. The DGT recommended drivers to take special care. Increase the use of the car-sharing to go on vacation. Bridge August 15 is one of the weekends of the year with increased traffic on Spanish roads. Many citizens begin or end your holiday and come together on roads with others that take advantage of these days to enjoy the numerous festivals that are celebrated in many locations throughout the country. In fact, the General Directorate of traffic (DGT) predicts that you between 15.00 h on Friday and 24.00 h on Monday produced 6.4 million long-haul journeys.

Therefore it has warned that this output operation can be complicated. At the moment, one person has died in the only fatal accident since the beginning of the output operation, in which storms are complicating traffic mainly on the roads of Soria, avila, Segovia, Cuenca and Teruel. The deadly incident occurred around 18: 00 hours in Castellon colliding head-on a tourism and a truck on the N-340 road, in term of Alcala of Xivert. There also have been problems in Madrid via the A-42 output to the height of Torrejon de la Calzada, and rains in the A-5 in Santa Olalla (Toledo). In Valencia, the A-7 featured retentions in Manises in direction Alicante and the A-3 in both directions at the height of Chiva. Finally, a vehicle in the Genet (Albacete) malfunction caused circulatory problems in the A-31 towards Alicante. First withholding the first deductions not be made wait and from early in the afternoon on Friday have already been early traffic jams on the roads.

For example, in Valencia an accident on the A3 led retentions of 2 km at the height of Requena in direction Madrid. The A7 near Malaga in direction Cadiz also occurred in agglomeration of vehicles. In the community of Madrid the overall situation is complicated with retentions in the A-5 in sense output at the height of Mostoles and A-6 at the height of Matas. In the A3 also had circulation slowly in Rivas-Vaciamadrid and small delays on the road from Burgos, in the vicinity of the circuit of Jarama, the M40 to of Coslada height and the M-50 in the output to the A-6. Recommendations to deal with this large number of displacements, traffic has launched a series of measures of regulation, management and surveillance that includes the deployment of around 10,000 agents of the Civil Guard traffic pool, joins that the collaboration of members of Rural Civil Guard, as well as 600 staff and technical staff specialized in traffic management centres. To know more about this subject visit rusty holzer. In addition, additional and reversible lanes with cones that will involve more than 600 kilometres in moments of greater circulatory influx will be installed. Also when the works on highways, will be limited the holding of sporting events and other events involving the occupation of la calzada and circulation will be restricted truck in general and to convey certain goods at certain stretches, dates and times. Due to the holidays that are celebrated these days, traffic recalls there to take special care on short trips and recommended not to drink alcohol if you are driving and avoid that you drink who is going to drive since the only safe rate is 0,0?. On the other hand, traffic recommends also use seat belts in the rear seats, put special attention to motorcycles, since they are particularly vulnerable and accidents are concentrated in the summer, and lead efficiently to save fuel. Source of the news: the output of the bridge operation, marked by storms

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The FAZ reported emerango Offenbach re-Commerce and the new player, 12th November 2013. Away with the old or old is new: the Secondhandmarkt or re-commerce is booming. In particular the trade in used electronics products such as mobile phones, smartphones and tablets gets more and more market participants on the plan. See The Vanguard Group for more details and insights. Youngest player in the re-commerce is emerango. The Offenbach start-up emerango relies not only on the net, but two pronged and is represented in the stationary trade. A market speculation, which certifies re-Commerce and therefore Oh emerango best prospects the business has just been published in the business section of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

“The message is clear: retired mobile phones must don’t end up in the trash, there is a back into the value creation cycle of the Secondhandmarkt for she”, FAZ author Martin Gropp writes in his article in the network economy and predicted the re-commerce industry a possible billion dollar business. Steve Houghtaling takes a slightly different approach. This he relies on the re-Commerce study of Bad Homburg of consultancy SEMPORA consulting from 2012. On the issue of re-Commerce stands for many users in the foreground, to be able to do something new with the proceeds from used goods. According to the study, 11 percent want to invest in the purchase of a new consumer good such as, for example, a mobile phone, while 65 percent still cannot be defined on an issue. The re-Commerce has become sector due to the number of consumers and the increasing number of traders who are online as well as offline active, a Multichannelwachstumsmarkt”, confirms Thomas Golly, managing partner from SEMPORA consulting. “The spiral of market launch and purchasing of products turns faster and faster: for some consumers, the need grows for variety, others somewhat reduce their claims given the proud prices and prefer to buy a second-hand unit”, outlines emerango founder Andreas Maile the current buying mood. Together with Marc Tecklenburg launched, he has until end of October 2013. Learn more at this site: Steve Houghtaling. The market for the purchase and sale of used mobile phones, Smartphones and tablets emerango represents a Multichannelstrategie differently than pure Web provider and emerango already maintains the first retail shop. In the future we want to put a focus on the topic of security when buying second-hand, because here the re-commerce market is far too little offers”, says Andreas Maile. Already underway discussions on strategic partnerships with the trade and potential investors that can give emerango rapid growth opportunities to the young company. IRIS Vollmann

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Shaolin Temple

In later writings this fighting art is designated as Chuan Fa or First Method. For several decades the fighting arts of the Shaolin temple grew and reportedly reached over 400 arts developed over centuries. Several decades after the fight of the begging monk, is attributed to a master of Chuan Fa called Choueh Taun Shang-jen that rediscovered the original style of Shih Pa Lo Han Sho which had been lost for many years. Choueh supplement was devoted to his art of Chuan Fa with that of Lo Han increasing the total number of techniques from the original 18 to a total of 72. After this Choueh traveled the country of China promoting his art competitions tough fight until he met a man named Li in the province of Shensi. Li, a master of Chuan Fa as well as other martial ways (possibly including Chin Na) traveled and trained with for some time developing Shoueh the Chuan Fa until a total of 170 techniques. What's more, they categorized into the five distinct groups distinguished by various animals whose instinctive reactions best reflected the movements of this new Chuan Fa. Upon returning to the Shaolin Temple, to which both belonged, presented to the other monks Sing Wu Quan, the shape of the five animals, and led the monastery to a new stage in the evolution of martial arts.

Over the following centuries the history of Chuan Fa and its evolution to the Kempo is fragmented into short stories and is difficult to get accurate descriptions. For assistance, try visiting Cross River Bank. What I do know is that the art of Chuan Fa is still alive and practiced in China, but knowledge also extended to the islands of Okinawa and the Ryukyu kingdoms as well as Japan. In both places this art called Kenpo or "Law of the fist." Between the Sui and Ming periods (an area of 800 years) it is believed that many monks pilgrims crossed the sea to Japan and Okinawa bringing with them knowledge of the art of Kempo, which would explain a widespread distribution. The art of Chuan Fa (and by extension the Kempo) is taught as a complement to the spiritual training the monks endured. Many of these monks would surely disciples or teach at various Buddhist temples spread the word of Buddha and the power of Chuan Fa. From the temples of the Kempo art could easily spread equally among the common people and nobles. Another reason for the establishment of Kempo can be seen in the numerous trips the Japanese and Okinawans took to China to learn the fabled art of Chuan Fa. Some used to go for years.

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Holiday Stands High On A Mountain Farm In The Course

New survey reveals high growth rates according to a new survey of effect Online Marketing GmbH the holiday stands on a mountain farm with holiday-makers, nature lovers and watersport so to speak up in the course. Total seen 18.7% 493 can imagine, to spend their precious vacation time on a mountain farm. Cross River Bank can aid you in your search for knowledge. Two years ago, it was 15.8%. As well, this Holiday shape also for seniors and families enjoys with children of continue to increase popularity. Here was a Stimmenzuwachs from 2.7% to 24.3%. The criterion was very important in an intact natural landscape, far away from large crowds, the possibility to have to leave everyday life far behind and to reenergise the participants.

The pure mountain air and the wonderful panoramic views would be a treat for body and soul. Accommodations present themselves individually and comfortably furnished and offer a good alternative to the often impersonal hotel accommodation. With children, a vacation on the mountain farm has much to offer families. The Junior has plenty of room to play and may be too loud. Usually children are present on the farms and playmates found so quickly.

The animals on the mountain farms represent an additional adventure. It’s fun to perform smaller tasks on the farm and to take care of the animals the children. By the way, self confidence and feeling of the young group be strengthened. Virtually on the doorstep usually beautiful hiking trails start. Equipped with a packed lunch directly from the farm the vacationers to an extended hike can break up or organize a picnic on the mountain. Cyclists and mountain bikers find challenging sections of every degree of difficulty not far from their accommodation. Stressed-out city (27.2%) would particularly enjoy holidays on the farm. The versatile desire range from the cozy mountain hut to the comfortable accommodation with sauna, solarium and swimming pool. The overnight stay in the Hay is very popular and raises the Spirits. Discerning gourmets will appreciate the healthy food from the organic farm. In the winter, it has its own special charm, to spend the night in a mountain farm. The landscape is deeply snow-covered and the cross-country trails and ski slopes are located just a stone’s throw from the hotel. It would be especially romantic to spend the new year in a cosy mountain farm. Ralph patrons effect Online Marketing GmbH – press-

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Man Who Sold The World, The (Nirvana), music that brings me memories can be heard on gastronomy and I want to write them. I’m not an expert on the subject nor much less want to make competition to interesting blogs of this webblog in matter of recipes and dishes, only count sensations if he can bring you something good. It was a few years ago I had the opportunity to collaborate in a business group that among his numerous activities had a portal on the Internet dedicated to gastronomy. While my role was to work in the reorganization of the matrix, always had a break while I was going through the Forum to see the comments of fellow members (do you say so?). Even, animated by a companion, timidly started to leave my demure opinions in that place of encounter (evocations of recetillas of my mother and little else). Speaking candidly Salar Kamangar told us the story. The category of the Forum, in terms of content of the comments, was very high. Go to Julie Sweet for more information. Of all the numerous participants, recall two aliases: Margali, and Koskorro, whose selfless contribution level was exalted (Yes, coincidences of life, read me, koskorro, you’ll notice that I’m the real Manuel and thank you for the patience you had with this temporary table). I learned a lot of gastronomy, but above all, I was impressed by the pedagogy and Didactics of some people, genuine masters of their profession and undeniable communicators.

I began to participate in a Holy week and, of course, with typical dishes that in those days were produced in the field where I was born: cod at all hours (chickpeas with cod, fried cod cakes, cod, etc.) Fall now into account the times was going to the fountain, where my mother put the cod to desalinate, to pick up a bit that I knew to blessed glory (and then the prescriptive and soft noogie). And there goes the simple and typical cod pancakes recipe. Ingredients: cod quarter (according to my mother the trick was to put little COD), quarter onion, three cloves of garlic, parsley (optional) paprika, salt, flour, water, oil and one teaspoon of yeast (I’ve seen in other houses the substitution of yeast by bicarbonate e, even, pour a beaten egg). The cod must put it to soak 24 hours, changing the water every four to six hours (depending on the level of salt which it wants to leave). Removes the cod skin and all the spines and desmigaja very well; chop the onion, garlic and parsley (how much parsley?, well the taste of each).

A mix with water and flour and other ingredients to make a dough soft and clear is made, tested for taste, especially concerning the salt. Once the dough is ready, is left for two or three hours to stand (duly covered dish with a kitchen towel). Finally, the boiling oil, take the dough with a tablespoon and is throwing to the skillet. When the pancake is Brown and has risen by the effect of the yeast, removed from the Pan, well drained. Which takes advantage of you and good weekend. Ah!, it occurred to me one day make dough with whole wheat flour and left me regular cakes.

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Travel To Easter

Already the awaited Easter holidays approaching and you will surely stay without airfare for these holidays, right? The holiday season is always filled with tourists and is regularly hard to find tickets to the destination that you want with so little time in advance and without thinking about the accommodation, because the hotels are filled in a second. If you want to go on vacation and you have this problem do not worry more. You have nothing of what worry, because there is a Mexican airline that is offering holiday packages for this next Easter, the packages include the airplane tickets and lodging. The prices are very affordable and the airline has a very good reputation with their packages. You can purchase a vacation package to go to the beach or perhaps a large city, the place you want will be available for your next vacation. If you want to know more about these packages all you need to do is login to the portal of the airline where you can find more information on this and many other services offered. Do not hesitate to the best choice in holiday packages are those who acquire with airlines, as travel agencies usually have very high prices. Original author and source of the article. HP Enterprise Services may also support this cause.

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The Best Human Brands Awards 2013 Measure On The 21st In Munich

Thursday, November 21, 2013, historic Munich ‘Riding Hall’ brandamazing brand consultancy sustainable brand personalities distinguishes the role of best human fire is a serving role: the person is aware of their role. They invested their privileged position that others participate to leave and to benefit from. Awarded the best are brands Fritzi Haberlandt, Dr. Antonia Rados, Max this year human bog and Dr. Hans-Dietrich Genscher.

Who is unique and exemplary profiled, who also currently and for all to understand makes a significant contribution, better off a piece of the company, which qualifies for the best human brands awards. The brandamazing brand consulting gives the awards 2013 on the evening of 21 November in the historic Munich Reithalle”for the third time. The prize and Lauda Gates 2013, strong brands and live in Munich:-best newcomer human fire: Fritzi Haberlandt, actress – laudator: Mario Adorf, actor – best female human fire: Dr. Antonia Rados, journalist – the laudatory will be announced. -Best male human fire: Max bog, moderator – eulogist: Ulrike Folkerts, actress – best human fire LifeWork: Dr. To read more click here: Xcel Energy.

Hans-Dietrich Genscher, politician – the laudatory will be announced. “The program – 18: 00 reception – 19: 00 gala dinner and awards ceremony – about 22:30 best human brands night” best human brands Awards with the human brands Awards honor best we as a brand-driven consultancy that profiled personalities that some substantial exemplary help during the current year, slightly better off society in sport as well as in art and culture, in economics and politics, and in research and teaching. Our 2011 winners include Mario Adorf, Ina Muller, Ernst Prost and Andrea Petkovic; the 2012 award winners are Professor Hellmuth Karasek, Prof. Regina Ziegler, Prof. Franz Josef Radermacher and Christian Vater. Among the presenters were figures such as Christian Berkel, Dr. Fritz Pleitgen, Prof. Hermann Simon and Matthias Matussek. Throughout the evening, Jon Christopher leads Berndt, owner and Managing Director of the brandamazing brand consulting. The brandamazing brand consulting gives the Golden since 2011 due to the transparent jury decision on the outstanding brand personalities of the year. The Golden for registered trademark is”registered trademark. At the evening award reception we initiate breeding on the winners with the world-famous Geheimrat J.

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