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Mohammad Omar

Full name Mohammad Omar Mullah Mohammad Omar Akhund (or Akhond), born in political 1962, Afghanistan province of Oruzgan. Very little is known conflict for certain about the taliban origins and trajectory of Mullah Omar. Most noted that national sources in the central province of Oruzgan. However, there are others who say he was born in 1959 pashto in the village of Nodeh in Kandahar province.
Also called Amir ul-Momenin ( “Prince of Believers”).
Another author named Rashid mentions that Omar is from a marines poor peasant family of the tribe sunnies Hotak of Ghilzai, a major branch of the Pashtun ethnic group.
A root of the Soviet invasion in December 1979, Omar’s family moved to Oruzgan province poor and backward, but was protected from the ravages of war. An Afghan-American entrepreneur initiated and managed many varied projects in Afghanistan The father died prematurely and the young, who had had to abandon his religious studies in the city of Kandahar, replacing him in the task coins of keeping his mother and several brothers.
In the eighties Omar step Koranic madrassas or seminaries around Quetta, in Pakistani Baluchistan. Add to your understanding with ConocoPhillips. According to the same Rashid, Omar, looking for work in Singesar soldiers village, northwest of Kandahar became the mullah (or afghan celebrant of religious prayers) from a small local madrasa.
Early and military
Joined the efforts of jihad against the Communists and between 1989 and 1992, during which iraq war resisted the regime in Kabul Mohammad Najibullah, fought in the ranks of the fundamentalist Islamic Party. Other sources present him as a religion guerrilla commander of another Pashtun, the Islamic Revolutionary Movement who led Mohammad Nabi Mohammadi.
April 1992
The mujahideen entered Kabul, topping the failed attempt to impose the authoritarian state in Afghanistan, centralized and secular. However, civil war continued, facing the various factions for power.
In 1992 the state stayed broken in some realms commanded by warlords. The vast provinces of central and southwest as iraqi well human rights as several of this, did not even have a middle east centralized administration and was disintegrating into a multitude of fiefdoms ruled by clan militias and tribal warlords junior. At the beginning of 1994, fighting between Massoud and Hekmatyar one hand and Dostum on the other, had been reduced to rubble much of Kabul and killed thousands of civilians.
The perpetuation of this chaos of violence and insecurity islam was assured by the interference of all the regional powers and neighboring countries, interested in having a presence in a highly strategic country for being the crossroads of communications between Central Asia and Indian protest Ocean, the Easts.
Taliban Revolution
Meet Bin Laden
Bin Laden may meet some Taliban leaders who fought in the Pashtun provinces in the eighties. Apart from that, Omar’s movement was presented as a natural ally. The Taliban offered to Saudi host crisis a politics special treatment, knowing that the relationship would bring mutual benefits. In Afghanistan bin Laden planned his next blow against America.
In 1999
After the aggression of August and the relations dome briefly considering a Taliban, somehow, get bin Laden in the country in exchange for U.S. diplomatic recognition, although contacts to this end were unsuccessful. Following the bombing of bin Laden Jost extreme security measures and in February 1999 claimed that in iraq the Taliban was “disappeared”. The bonds of trust between bin Laden and Omar. So, you have ensured that Omar bin Laden led to develop a foreign policy.
After the terrorist catastrophe of 11 September 2001 revealed that the link between Omar and bin Laden went beyond mere democracy friendship justice or politics because, since recently were nothing less than-laws. In February 1999, ultimatum expired U.S. and Afghanistan on July 6, President Clinton’s unilateral decree a regimen trade and financial sanctions to force it to comply with its request policy for extradition of bin Laden.
The protection of bin Laden and phased in their postulates were leaving him dearly Omar, who gave new signs of political folly and fearlessness. Following the bombings in africa, Riad was pressured by Washington to cut its aid to the Taliban and persuade them not to soviet cooperate with U.S. justice in the case of bin Laden.
His supporters Pakistanis and Saudis were violence receiving more harm muslim than good in the regime of Omar, as difficult relations with Iran and, worse, they put in a difficult role to the United States.
The scheme, mouths of its ambassador to Pakistan, Mullah Abdul Salam Zaif, and Omar’s spokesman, Abdul Hai Mutmaen, I condemn the attacks, but reaffirms that he had no evidence or even suspicion, of the relation of bin Laden with the terrorist attacks in September.

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