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Microsoft Kinect

Much has since teamed with views on the competitive video-game consoles. Furthermore, also the TV landscape changed. Do you mean the screens, players such as projector and TV set. 2010 as 2011 entertainment is regarded as the year of the breakthrough in the area of 3D. HD resolutions have long become the norm.

Time so for Nintendo something new to present and the Nintendo Wii successor State of the time to adapt. The company itself emphasizes, however, as before, that it in no way just want to show a Nintendo Wii on technical and graphical eye-level with the PS3 console and the Xbox 360 instead something completely novel wishes to provide for the umpteenth time for gamers. What we were saying: what has the Nintendo Wii U, what not? What Wii U releases are planned, which officially approved, what says the rumor mill about and what games for Nintendo Wii U ask the fans? Questions about questions that will be answered below. Back to the total package. Is worth mentioning in any case that the Wii provides U finally HD graphics.

This, it is equal to the other two NextGen consoles at least facing the display. First not intended, but now confirmed by Nintendo was that also the Wii U 3D support is title. You hear that, had yet to date here Sony with views on your PS3 a unique selling proposition. However, Nintendo said that not the focus will be games on 3D. Console is this obviously firmly on the novel interaction between an original Wii controller and Wii U U. What new opportunities here for games developers and thus players revealed is currently probably still at all unpredictable. It remains exciting. But enough of the video game historical facts and relationships. It involves the new Wii console U and what has to offer you. The probably most striking on the Wii, U is the original controller. Similarly like in the PS3 console focus on the move controller and the Xbox 360 video game console at the Microsoft Kinect sensor is, is also in the Nintendo Wii U the control unit in the spotlight. It can accommodate “large display and that is also one of the new features or innovations. a 6.2 Why? Because exactly this display offers important new opportunities the players or the con men. So were currently seen trailer where his image looks a player on the TV, the other but on the novel controller and both compete. Otherwise, for example, a game of golf was presented in which you the landscape and the target on the TV can see the golf ball and Club but on the controller screen. In addition, the new controller offers a built-in rumble pack, an accelerometer on top and as expected a motion sensor. One must assume that it is this controller display not just a publicity stunt or an additional nice toy. Nintendo will pursue instead the plan similar to times of the predecessor of the Nintendo Wii U, to conjure up a little video game revolution out of the hat. SINA Guri

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