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Choice: LogMeIn Remote Maintenance Solutions For More Than 300 Branches Of The BSkyB

BSkyB chooses LogMeIn-remote maintenance LogMeInPro m, LogMeIn Central and LogMeIn rescue are LogMeIn solutions, all of which have been selected by the largest British Pay-TV operator BSkyB (sky) for the remote maintenance of its myriad subsidiaries. The IT team at BSkyB uses the software for the remote management and troubleshooting on hundreds of computers, which in British shopping centres are in over 300 stores and are installed in the mark trucks for special events. This move is part of an initiative by BSkyB, which should be get special customer satisfaction, and at the same time increasing productivity by retail and IT. Saami Mulji, head of retail assets by BSkyB: The retail area of sky is crucial for the customer service and new business deals. Downtime can adversely affect both. Our goal is to manage the solution time with LogMeIn to shorten, because we are now able to enable our branches remotely, substantially and to support the local employees. The unproductive travel time is literally done away and at the same time, our IT team has greater scope for greater efficiency.” BSkyB uses the web-based LogMeIn rescue for remote maintenance, to the employees in the branches when requests to the activation to help control or problem-solving their laptops.

A combination of LogMeIn Central, the remote management console by LogMeIn and LogMeIn Pro hosts are installed in the stores on all computers allow m actively and remotely to monitor the IT team at BSkyB, kiosks and displays, to manage and to update without having to be present on-site. Which ideas developed by BSkyB for the support of its subsidiaries covers to support herself excellently with our approach, employees in different locations and the environment”, says Lee Weiner, Vice President support products from LogMeIn. Their ability to hundreds of sites with a small, concentrated and highly efficient team to support, a certificate for their vision and the power of the modern IT helpdesk.” For more information on products and solutions for remote access from LogMeIn under: about LogMeIn, Inc. LogMeIn (NASDAQ: LOGM) offers SaS-based solutions for remote access, remote maintenance and business collaboration, to which million Internet-enabled devices like PCs, Macs, smartphones, iPads, Android tablets, and digital display devices around the world quickly, easily and reliably can connect. Home users, mobile business people and IT companies rely on LogMeIn solutions worldwide have connected to nearly 12 million users across more than 100 million devices to a LogMeIn service. LogMeIn’s headquarters is located in Woburn, Massachusetts, United States.

There are other branches of LogMeIn in Australia, Hungary, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. LogMeIn is a registered trademark of LogMeIn, registered in the United States and other countries. iPad is a registered trademark of Apple Inc., and Android is a registered trademark of Google, Inc., registered in the United States and other countries around the world.

Sun, October 23 2016 » News