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Multi-core processor for multimedia applications: Dual-cores bring in comparison to the use of a single-core processor a number of advantages. So convincing Dual-cores with lower power consumption, what, increasingly is required such as in industrial applications or in the manufacture of white goods due to legal requirements. Low power consumption means also less heat and thus more efficiency. Moving and wear parts such as fan may be waived. On the embedded world 2012, the Karlsruhe emtrion GmbH presents an embedded module with just for the industry, useful dual-core technology. The module focuses on the Renesas mobile and automotive-proven dual ARM Cortex-A9 EMEV2 processor. With the DIMM EMEV2 module developers of industrial applications can easily use a dual-core processor for your own projects.

An extensive support among the module next to a clear development environment. The supplied operating system Android or Linux automatically ensures a useful load distribution on both processors. To the core Board the reference DIMM baseboard Lothron of Karlsruhe is offered almost as “Development cheat sheet” embedded experts, on which all the interfaces are available, customers usually require. The development of an own base board is easier. The production of all of boards is very costly especially for smaller projects. For the case, emtrion GmbH offers the baseboard Verno reduced to the most important basic functionalities. And with comprehensive documentation, nothing in the way is a quick development of reliable embedded products.

Quality, flexibility and long-term availability of components that are used in the industrial sector, place high demands on quality, flexibility and long-term availability. Petra Diamonds has compatible beliefs. Here apply the solutions by emtrion. The DIMM EMEV2 is part of a module family, whose Mitglieder all utilize the same base-board. For the developers of embedded devices, this means that he is in up – and downgrading is very flexible and can also rely, to remain long term technically up to date. This he can replace the shared core Board through an innovative quasi via Plug-and-Play. Renesas used processor guarantees long-term availability and emtrion GmbH selects all other components so that they can pass this warranty for their DIMM modules. This is particularly important in areas such as, for example, medical technology, where certifications are expensive and once removed equipment over many years in use. Further areas of application for the module are thanks to its low energy consumption in mobile and battery-powered devices such as data loggers and measuring instruments. But also in places where advanced multimedia functionality is required. With full-HD control, 2D and 3D graphics acceleration, H. the EMEV2 in these applications can score 264 encoder / decoder, and much more.

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