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Metodologia Assessment System

Since the diagnosis may contribute to a participatory process to bring actions for improvement, this methodology was developed with the aim to serve as a tool to initiate a self-assessment on the behavior of the innovation process (PI). In addition, this guide is intended as a first step to motivate internal reflection on the activities of GTI, because the intention is not so much getting the right answers to characterize the current situation, as companies can raise their questions a propias esencialesa to increase its capacity for innovation. The general process of diagnosis comprises the following steps: 1. The general characterization of the organization under study. 2. Determining the level of satisfaction and worker participation, from the adaptation of a method proposed by Brito Vinas (2000), and the inclusion of some elements of the tools used by Suarez Hernandez (2003). 3. Characterization of PI (Rate), by development of a survey using as a reference guide produced by the ICW (2002) and other sources identified in the analysis of art a estado, to analyze the behavior of the activities under the IP.

4. Characterization of IP management level (measure), from a selection of possible indicators that directly affect the activities of GTI in the company and that together, provide the information necessary to a medira management level PI.

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