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The Importance Of The Fortress Mental In Sport

Mental strength is absolute importance both in sport and in all the activities of life. But that is the mental strength? Mental strength is poise in the worst moments moments at the foot of the Canyon, overcome the difficult moments, the most delicate moments. But not, for example in a football match, what he says […]

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An interesting aspect with respect to the origin causes and micro conditions that control them, is that you for many of them, to be monitored just as hearing, touch, smell sensory observations, sound and of course vision. The tools and techniques of the monitoring of oils In Situ extend and enrich future technicians, especially when […]

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Metodologia Assessment System

Since the diagnosis may contribute to a participatory process to bring actions for improvement, this methodology was developed with the aim to serve as a tool to initiate a self-assessment on the behavior of the innovation process (PI). In addition, this guide is intended as a first step to motivate internal reflection on the activities […]

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