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Life In IIIth Millenium

It’s a shame to die not only because human life has become more varied and attractive, but also because the rapid development of scientific and technological progress has failed to provide human immortality awaited. The hope that science will soon solve the mystery of aging, and not justified. And those people who today are more close to understanding the processes occurring in modern science, is well aware that the so-called achievements in medicine in the field of aging of the human body are most often just a bluff. Yes it is, in general, it is not surprising. After all, our whole world is now progressing on system of global deception. BMC is often quoted as being for or against this.

If current policies are constantly cheating people by promising them in the near future heavenly life and a new model developed nation, then why, for example, medicine should not go the same way. Introducing the new imaginary invention in science, who allegedly obtained under laboratory conditions and that almost no one is able to check medical elite, using the people’s confidence to be able to earn huge money. To these people, of course, to a greater extent are representatives of the rich part of society, those who take this enormous cash, is facing in his life with only one global problem – the problem of aging own body. That is why the millionaires and billionaires never skimp on money when it comes to power and their own health and life. Rich people who are using the money in the world today can to meet their most sophisticated desires and whims, remains inaccessible to a power over their own lives, over what amount of time they are able to use their wealth and almost unlimited power.

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