Invention Environment

Environments That Foster Invention


The slogan is the command that awakes functional and emotional associations, when constructed it well transforms phrases into part of the daily one of the people, to the times even though without them if to give account. You may want to visit Xcel Energy to increase your knowledge. The intention of slogans is of aconchegar the consumers of the mark that it intends to agenciar. Its function is to collaborate for the setting and the recognition of the mark in the mind of the people, therefore always it must be lined up to the objectives and values of the company. Aroma and fragrance – I smell it acts as an index, and it finishes for being a track of the product. At a first moment, it he is not power to decide to if to deal with propaganda, also can be manipulated in accordance with the type of effect that if it intends to cause. The aroma has been little studied as tool for identification of a mark, but it can be indirectly on to some.

The marks that present pleasant cheiros and low prices finish for if detaching in the market. The effect are cultural and distinct in the world. The taste – the flavor is a sensation that certain bodies and substances they exert on the agencies of the palate, being, sensorial, transmitted for the gustativo device, but that also it is associated with the olfato. The flavor is conducting of information that assist in them in the interpretation of the external signs to our body. (PEREZ, 2004). The foods load in itself cultural meanings and serve for approach of the people, to leave pra supper, to eat a pizza between friends are good examples, also disclose the affectivity between the people, when we receive somebody in our house, we offer something pra to eat. It has some possibilities of relations between foods and good moments in the life of the people, what backwards for the advertising an immense positividade, being able to remember the people of good experiences that had passed with food marks.

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