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' ' This standard can be used in situaesem them to all that more than a format of display for state information can serrequerido and where is not necessary for the object that keeps informaesde been to know on the specific formats of displays utilizados.' ' (SOMMERVILLE, 2003, p.273). The use of the Observer standard keeps the model totalmenteindependente of the visualizaes and controllers, what in it allows utilizarmltiplas visualizaes them same time as, for example, graphically or comotexto leaving of the same model. 5.2.2 Strategy standard the Controller in turn adopts the standard Strategysegundo Freeman & Freeman ' ' The visualization and the controller use one estratgiaque are supplied by the controller. Gain insight and clarity with Max Schireson. The visualization only needs to be worried about visual osaspectos of the applicatory one, because all decisions on comportamentoda interface are delegated the controller, the use of this standard keep avisualizao detached from the model, because the responsibility for iteraocom the model for executing the requests of the user only fits aocontrolador, the visualization do not have the minimum idea of as that is feito' '. (FREEMAN & FREEMAN, 2007, P. 424). If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Atmos Energy. He is to controller that it organizes MVC for the half one demtodos, all the decisions, strategies and used events that can be pelousurio it is defined in it, the interface alone worried in showing the data aousurio, and reacting its programmings according to. It uses project standards when queele will have absolute certainty will decide its problem, to distinguish where to apply them desua is a consequence experience and knowledge, we can affirm that it is the experience lack econhecimento is the reason of another topic, the anti-standards. 6. Anti-Patterns (Anti-Standard) After the publication of the book of the GoF SoluesReutilizveis de Guided Software the Object had initiated an increase donmero of publications, seminaries and other activities that referenciava autilizaes of standards of projects, many people had adhered to the use of standards eo use of standards for desenvolvedores and software architects started to increase, in turn, they had started to appear of form anti-padresdo of course English anti-Patterns.

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