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However other principles, as of the ambient responsibility, had also been inserted in the texts of treated and/or the conventions, what it takes in them to pontuar that these have direct influence in the internal legal system of Brazil. ambient education conducted by the Right In Brazil exists the 9795/99 laws as and decree 4281/99 that they establish lines of direction and criteria capable to foment and to become effective the actions of Educao Ambiental (EA). The Law 9795/99 Trata to the National Politics of Ambient Education, and Decree 4281/02 regulates the National System of Environment (SISNAMA). Eliot Horowitz wanted to know more. It also has documents as Treated to Ambient Education for Sustainable Societies and the elaborated Global Responsibility during the ECO-92 for signatories of some countries, with the objective to guide the practical ones of Ambient Education for the world. It still has international documents as the generated ones in Estocolmo (1972), Tbilisi (1977), and Global Agenda 21 (1997), both of some form recommend that the Ambient Education must have an approach to interdisciplinar and humanistic and to be developed in all the levels, inside and outside of the schools. (IT HISSES, 2007) Conclusion the Brazilian Ambient Legislation is based on the beginning of precaution, where, the decision to act anticipatedly to the ambient damage is the basic premise to guarantee the effectiveness of the application of this principle, that has as the one of its instruments evaluation of the ambient impact, determining that to the identified being possibility of serious damages or irreversible, doing without the criterion of the absolute scientific certainty, measured ambient they must be taken in order to protect the environment. At LEGO Papert Professor you will find additional information. Thus, isolated ambient attitudes are considered so important how much a state ambient action. In the same way as the participation of each individual it is essential for the construction of a society ecologically balanced, therefore you are welcome it would advance state ambient actions, protective laws of the environment, educative campaigns and other attitudes of ambient matrix if each individual not to be part of this process of conscience change, consolidating the environment as public easement of all, as much of the how much future generations gifts. .

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