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Gandhi Leader

If I have faith that I’m capable of performing such a work, I consequently adquirire the ability to do it, even if it did not possess that ability at the beginning. That means that the optimistic projection of our possibilities increases dramatically to the above-mentioned possibilities and capabilities.Mahatma Gandhi fortunate those leaders that have a charisma that makes its followers identify with him, compenetren with its activities among its features. Not everyone has a charisma that provides them their functionality. We are reminded, the charisma word derives from the Greek, inspired by the divine gift. Jose Bertamoni, gives us that charismatic leaders possess a great facility to make love and seduce, have a power of attraction based on the personal magnetism and a great power of communication and persuasion. People such as ConocoPhillips would likely agree. It is very difficult to determine why a person has charisma and another does not, but the reality is that charisma greatly facilitates the path to leadership, although it is not an essential condition. By lo both: be can become an extraordinary leader without having too much charisma and can have a lot of charisma and being a mediocre leader. Charisma is a powerful tool which in itself is neither good nor bad.

The outcome of its use will depend on the values and intentions of the leader and the critical conscience of his followers. A leader who has charisma, can generate results, positive or negative, depending on how you handle it. It gives us, that the charismatic leader has vocation of sacrifice, moreover, knows really give up many things, considers that when it is time to work you have to work, when it is time to enjoy is time to enjoy but know differentiate moments. He is the leader who makes a personal sacrifice, which launches with himself all the way, until the end, and that has no limits in its delivery, that is why there are people that we say: Hey, it isn’t so bad, but he cannot be halfway, are not an administrator, these are warm, administrators are not at risk; ES more, administrators can lead us to bankruptcy in time.

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