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Self-delusion only thing that will do is disguise the reality but as the saying goes: everything falls under its own weight lying accumulated sometime may explode like a bomb. This is very bad for you, because you can never be completely happy, you will feel anxious, sad and in the background you know why, but you don’t want to accept it for fear of not knowing how to react or how to take it. If the self-deception did you part of your life, that you will definitely affect your relationship, at work, in the family, with friends.Why who likes being with person mentirosa, exaggerated or that generate little confidence?Nobody likes that they lie you’re agree with me. Are for all these reasons that I’m going to give continuation 4 good advice so you go leaving the self-delusion of side and you can improve self-esteem: it is important to remember that the self-delusion only thing that will make in your life is to have low self-esteem. And it won’t let you grow as a person will keep you prisoner in your circle of lies. It is necessary that you listen to your thoughts, emotions and reactions you have before them.What I recommend is that you have a pocket notebook and a pen.Writes to detail the negative thoughts that go through your mind that you are overwhelming, writes to detail, emotion you causes and that reaction have you had, and after finishing solution could give you.This will ease your inner tension, you will learn to detect your thoughts, emotions and what you can do to them.

Do not try to get along with others and forget your feelings, you stop taking attitudes that are not part of you only by pleasing to others. Prevents perfection, remember nobody is perfect, you can’t do all things well, but at least take action and get them something, plasma your thoughts into actions do not stand idly by. So if you follow these basic tips to start this year with right foot, unmasked, with good attitude, being the woman who you really want to be, bear in mind that for free you just need be sincere with yourself.

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