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The paper is an ancient human invention. According to historians, it was invented in China. The method of making paper was so simple and effective that it has reached our days. Of course, the rate of production of paper, technical tools and materials have changed. Today paper is of various colors, sizes and quality. Recycling.

Large demand for paper due to its widespread use in everyday life. Paper used as packaging material, stationery, as well as a means of personal hygiene. In its structure, the paper is a sheet of material, which consists of cellulose fibers. In the production process paper is mixed cellulose fibers, wood pulp, glue, kaolin and Highlighter. To get a quality final product, the proportions must be adhered to.

Through the use of fillers, paper becomes a flat, smooth and less porous. For the manufacture of paper used special equipment that allows to obtain various kinds of products. The general principle is to manufacture paper receipt paper mass on the grid of the machine, where the formation of a thin fibrous layer, which is released from the water through the mesh. After that, the press section performs extraction of water under pressure, with a further submission in drying of the car. In the process of drying the paper is pressed against the drying cylinders, and then, if necessary, passes through a size press, which is required in case of manufacture of paper for printing with procedures for moisture. In conclusion, the process, the paper enters the finishing of the car, where the wound into rolls and seal by passing through the cylinders. Toilet paper is one of the most common of the product. Production of toilet paper made by environmentally friendly and waste-free equipment. When this process is used, waste paper, from which is obtained by means of certain operations sanitary and hygienic paper. Production of toilet paper starts with a load of waste paper in a special container that is filled with water. ere. Next raskisshaya trash gets into pulper, where diluted water and ground, then goes into the tank and prepare the pulp goes through enrichment of water to the desired concentration. Pumped into the tank obtained raw paper pulp making, etc. there is a movement in the case of constant flow. Due to the continuous pumping process and compressed air can obtain a homogeneous pulp, which comes through the headbox to the grid table is in constant motion. At this stage, the extraction and initial calibration of future products. Next on the cloth carrier pulp enters the zone of dewatering and drying. After this process production of toilet paper goes into the final stage. The paper falls into the receiving device, which is appropriate wound into rolls or spools desired configuration. As a result, the reel of paper sent to unwinders machine that performs a rewind roll towels or toilet paper. During the fast runs stamping that allows paper to be softer. The procedure allows the fast to make more tight wound into rolls. Usually, sets of equipment for the production of toilet paper Paper feature saw, which allows you to produce a cutting rolls of specified parameters.

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