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World Cup: final Germany against England is once again: by the German group and the second place of the English behind the United States (!) there are – already – in the second round of the World Cup in South Africa the pairing, on which we have all been waiting for: Germany against England. “For this game the World Cup was invented” as a supporter of the English expressed yesterday evening it and we mean: he is right. What’s better than to send the team of our favorite opponents crying home, as happened in the World Cup tournaments, 1970, 1982, 1990 and 1996, as well as at the European Championships in 1972 and 1996. Yes, it’s true; 1966 in Wembley and Euro 2000 England won but we can safely forget these accidents, because – first – the famous Wembley goal was one and – secondly – the worst German team of ever played in 2000. With the primitive soccer ala Ribbeck, Jeremies and Jancker, even the defeat against Serbia had nothing to do absolutely nothing. England’s press as usual amid the war “makes you ready for the German war machine”, headlined the tabloid”The Sun”- in the choice of metaphors absolutely reliably – on Thursday.

England’s press as always feels in the war, including pictures of steel helmets, tanks, and SS uniforms; This time without Prince Harry in it. The English team boss Fabio Capello sounded before his team felt disgraced North Korea against the United States and Algeria to the bone and John Terry led a unsuccessful coup: “The Germans are afraid of us.” It was only once and on the edge pointed out that once again not a competent coach with a British passport for this job has been found. No fear of England – including also? Remains the question of what the German national team should fear: before Wayne Rooney, who has not hit the goal well in the third game, or a defence which conceded two goals against the Americans? Certainly not before the goalkeepers at any rate. And so a quick glance skyward – it remain: England will lose this important game against Germany and therefore was This point the English striker legend Gary Lineker quoted: “football is a game for 22 men and Germany WINS at the end.” Let her cry, boys: that the World Cup was invented. Andreas Kellner news /..

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