Invention Environment

Environments That Foster Invention


They were lots of houses and was afraid of them, why you wouldn’t see and when they saw someone of these runes approached, they immediately were hiding more inside of the forest.For those years not they cared, rather than on fixing his great House and fishing in the great puma cocha. Children played in the rivera of the and exhilarating when they hunted some small fish which immediately carried most of the mothers who was in charge of cooking for the family. They wanted to collaborate as well as the rest of major runes. Elders laughed everytime they saw the desires of the churres buses (small children). Among them stood out barbecue, with its flat, almost deformed nose, with a well pronounced belly, her bowed legs; but I dreamed in someday be the chieftain of his nation and to travel by the territories where they lived many animals and which ruled the apu Cougar. He was rehearsing in trunks that brought the cocha puma, dreaming that he would travel by the great cocha which had never end and that only a puquina apu had been able to cross, bringing with it a new wife for his family, thats what had the largest. When I was in the water, tense all their forces in order to grow in strength and courage, preparing for the feats that was conceiving in your small mind and in his early age. So it was getting beyond its region, where used to be the forest; who knows had luck and could see the apu pumas running or jumping in creeks. Every day, after collecting the firewood for the home and bring the bananas for food was running thing more far possible from the rest of children of the region, so not stolen their dreams that the was planning to do when already at initiation parties consider him as suitable for plunging their responsibilityI wanted to be the best of all, so that thus their prowess is transmitted in all languages and in all the regions.

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