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TV Online

What options do I have to watch TV? The answer are three alternatives: open broadcast: are television channels that can be viewed in a country simply to dispose of a TV and without paying any fee for your reception. Contract with a company of television services: allows you to view a wide variety of cananles, but requires some Assembly prior to receive the television signal (can be a satellite dish or cable installation) and must pay a monthly fee to view channels. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger wanted to know more. Internet television: allows you to watch thousands of TV channels. Be directly watching TV on our desktop or laptop (have television if we travel), requires a software that only pays once (its price is low) and an internet connection that can be cable, wifi or 3 G. The world of television is in the process of evolution thanks to the enormous progress of technology. There is no doubt that it is on the Internet where changes and improvements occur with faster: higher speed transmission, more possibilities of access, increase services, availability of more channels of TV all this technological progress affects directly television by internet. Let’s look at some of the advantages of watching TV Online: low-cost: the software you need only pay once. The price is around 40. Mobility: where we are with our laptop we will have our television. In any screen: If you connect the computer directly to our TV you will have thousands of channels that come from the Internet on our home television screen.

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