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Now new vSpace driver for NComputing U170 has available NComputing currently for the 64-bit operating systems Windows 7, Windows Server 2008R2, and Windows multi point server 2010 official drivers for download are provided. Through the publication of the new 64 bit of driver NComputing closes an important gap and offers therefore for all currently on the market Windows operating systems a suitable driver. To the main features includes support of Microsoft Windows multi point server 2010, which is very attractive for schools and training institutions. Is it now possible to use a host PC with more than 3,5GB, which is very important especially in the multimedia section with up to 10 users that can work simultaneously on a host PC. NComputing Inc., was founded with the aim to provide desktop computer for everyone and sets new standards in the economics of desktop computers. NComputing is the fastest growing company in the field of desktop virtualization, with 2.5 million sold ultra thin Clients in 140 countries.

The award winning and patented technology of virtualization reduces the cost per desktop, improves the manageability of clients and reduces both energy consumption and e-waste. It is the perfect solution for taking full advantage of the computing power of a PC or cloud environment the NComputing technology takes advantage of the fact that today’s PCs have so much power, that is not obtained from a single user because it uses only a fraction of that for his daily work. NComputing provides the unused computing power so, that as many users can access back and a full-featured desktop is provided them. Each user has its own monitor, mouse and keyboard, which are connected to an NComputing terminal (access device). This terminal (access device) is connected to the host PC via LAN or direct. Corporate information / profile: Thinpel IT service Leipzig sees itself as a specialist in the field of consolidation and as a company, that thanks to server infrastructure and simplified desktop virtualization. Specifically are increasing demand for virtual desktop solutions are one of the core businesses of Thinpel IT. In collaboration with Citrix and NComputing, develops and markets innovative solutions Thinpel IT.

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