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Weightloss For Dummies

Currently, the "health market" appeared in great demand on such topics as diet, exercise, proper, healthy nutrition, weight loss, obesity. People really interested in questions about healthy foods to maintain their good health and normal weight. But unfortunately, once there is demand, then there will be suggestions in this regard, a large number of clinics and just "doctors", who offer their services in the development of diet and the most part, these diets do not lack any scientific basis! But first diet appeared very long ago. And the most ancient diet is considered the "Pythagorean diet". On it were the disciples of the philosopher and the example teachers avoid animal products and beans. Only here for weight loss this diet had nothing to do. Her goal was to save people from the gases in the stomach.

More advanced was the father of medicine Hippocrates. In his treatise "On a diet," he explained that he is everything bad for your health and that diet should be individualized depending on the person's age, his occupation and health, as well as places of residence and time year. But the Roman physician Asklepiad, the founder of Nutrition is a science, went further. He believed that most diseases can be cured through proper nutrition. But already own diets – the invention still quite new. They were two hundred years old. And, initially, the diet was just a way to combat obesity, and, in its extreme degree, and without exception they have to get involved only after the Second World War – it was then there are new standards of feminine beauty and shape. Actually "measure" a calorie diet, scientists have only in the beginning of XX century.

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