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Manufacturers such as Megasonex use ultrasound for gentle dental cleaning at home most of us know it by the doctor: we break us a leg or hurt the tooth, then an ultrasonic recording is done usually once very close to look at the problem. What can hear we not with the naked eye, is visible in technical-looking black and white shots. Similarly, it behaves well with our dental plaque. We see not, clean it quickly with the tooth brush over it and not imagine that at this moment may be a harmful microfilm attacking our tooth enamel. Plaque is tricky, you can see and didn’t like him.

Often, it is because unfortunately not done at home with a simple teeth cleaning. And here comes again the Ultrasound in the game: the medical and dental University, Tokyo in 1999 in an extensive study showed that plaque containing bacterial chains can be separated and thus harmless due to contact with ultrasound. Modern tooth brushes take advantage of precisely this technology. The invisible man, harmful plaque microfilm is blown by means of ultrasonic wave and then gently removed from the brush. It works deep inside, because ultrasound is even in the smallest angles and gaps. And as little pressure is required when cleaning with an ultrasonic toothbrush, manufacturers use as Megasonex only normal and soft brush heads, to prevent the risk of injury when used on zero. How can one imagine the daily dental cleaning with ultrasound? Come most to mind images of large apparatus and protective metal aprons and many are even more astonished but if you then find a petite electric toothbrush.

Products such as the Megasonex toothbrush differ in outwardly almost indistinguishable from the common electronic devices that we know from TV advertising and our bathrooms. Lots of technology but in the small brush: Anders than in conventional toothbrushes is the dental cleaning with an ultrasonic toothbrush motionless. The brush is easy on the teeth and clean with air vibration of high frequency. 96 Million oscillations per minute this help our teeth to perfect cleanliness and are thereby very gentle, so that personal injury and damage to the gums are excluded. The ultrasonic toothbrush is therefore particularly well suited for people with sensitive gum or periodontal disease. Even veneers, implants and crowns will be cleaned as gently. The result can be seen: after every cleaning, teeth shine whiter and healthier, as Tartar and unsightly stains such as coffee, tea, or nicotine be gently blown by the ultrasound and removed. Ultrasonic toothbrush such as the Megasonex available only at select dentists and dental clinics as well as online in the smi) estore at..

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