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Tremont Electric

Perhaps most of our readers don’t have this problem, but sometimes one vacation and goes to a deserted island where there is no mains power supply. Or something like that. Then, if one is a geek, would panic because there would be no charging gadgets: where no connect them so that they load and there is no where buy batteries. What to do then? The company Tremont Electric presented at CES an appliance that allows you to charge gadgets using energy kinetica produced by your body when you walk, run, or scales, saving you electricity and taking advantage of that energy that we do not normally use for anything else. The nPower PEG is designed for people who like to be outdoors and that does not always have available a place where to connect the devices, but also very useful for those who go out to run, or those who go to work on foot. Chargers measured 23 centimeters, weighs 312 grams, include a 1000mAh lithium battery and are compatible with USB 2.0.

They are not so small, so the idea is to take them in a backpack or a banana While sales to exercise. The energy is generated using magnets that move when you you move, following the law of Faraday and applying some technologies of the company. Each costs 160, so they are not cheap, but at least saves you approximately how many batteries and allows you to generate energy in a sustainable way.

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