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With The Nutrients Zinc And Vitamin C Immune

The winter has left traces. Now with the nutrients zinc and vitamin C immune Wiesbaden this year the winter was particularly cold and long. That left a mark not only in nature. The long cold without a trace over went also to our immune system. Many people realize that because they are easily susceptible to […]

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What patients in selecting the clinic must pay attention in times of rising capital costs for medical treatment in Germany is an industry marked growth of medical tourism. e. More and more patients take advantage of foreign treatments for themselves. Lower wages and thoughtful logistics help to reduce the cost of high-quality treatments in other […]

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The researchers examined how the use of natural Zitrusflavonoiden would impact on the progression of the vein valve damage and on the training of venous hypertension. Both are causes of varicose veins and swollen legs. In their investigations, the researchers found that the used natural Zitrusflavonoide in the location were to positively influence the course […]

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E Enjoy-cigarette – Smoking From A Different Angle

How healthy can go to smoking and the smoking ban everyone of us knows the Vice…Smoking! Somehow it almost every second trying to quit. But it is not so easy. You know as well the problem: you are sitting in a restaurant, a bar or in the Cafe…das food is enjoying the beer to the […]

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Thyroid Disease

Criticism of forced iodination is louder epidemic of thyroid disease and whether a Jodmagel or ubschuss on the thyroid dysfunction is to blame, is still fiercely discussed in circles. As the news portal reported, triggered the recent study of the Robert Koch Institute renewed debate among the experts. While on the one complained, that […]

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More Women Than Men

Men get a heart attack more often, but more often women die of disease death by heart attack – many think because of stressed men in senior positions in the middle ages. But far from it: In the under-60 is of heart attack in women of more common cause of death than age-matched men. The […]

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Help For Carers

The deals for elderly rise founded. But few take care of the concerns, needs, problems and fears of carers. But exactly these people need help. The number of nurses who live totally isolated and are mentally and physically overwhelmed is increasing. More than half of all persons in need in Austria be maintained at home. […]

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Lung Diseases

New diagnostic technique for tumors certainty in only one breath. Lung Tumors can be diagnosed already soon only on the basis of the breath. By merely breathing on a metal-coated sensor, it is possible to detect a tumor. As it reported the Internet portal, a corresponding chip was developed now Caltech Institute by researchers […]

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Artificial Hip: Joint Can Loosen Up After 10 To 20 Years

Many factors play a role in the decision as to what joint replacement is right for a patient the installation of an artificial hip is long not only even more a procedure that is carried out in extremely old people. The unhealthy diets and false charges in the modern life contribute, have already 50 years […]

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Cause Of Death Stroke

Warnings should not be ignored after cardiovascular disease and cancer is the third leading cause of death of the stroke in Germany now. As the news portal reported, 200,000 people suffer a stroke in this country every year. Experts attributed the large number to changing lifestyles. People eat too much, too greasy and too […]

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