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The management or the management sees as a machine operator for example a larger section of the installed sensor. And not everyone who can see a status message, gets automatically also the rights to reset the State. It is even to be expected that in the medium term insurance will reward corporate efforts to a high-security operation and facility management with corresponding rewards. The visualization solution for companies that want to optimize facility management with its own innovative IT solutions and bring up to date technologically is interesting. Also for manufacturers of facility management software, which prefer to adapt their solutions with powerful tools on future-oriented architectures. Level 3: Automated building energy efficiency is improved another large area the use of IP networks, and visualization to improve the balance of energy in buildings. Companies can measurably reduce their energy costs and contribute to environmental protection.

Interesting especially if corporate responsibility guidelines in corporate culture are anchored. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Viktor Mayer-Schönberger. On the IP network, electricity meters can be connected as well as surveillance cameras? The process is the same, only the visualization and data processing are different. Who today has an IP network, can govern simply many operations. Here are a few examples: At room temperature and sunshine, the blinds close and the air conditioner starts. Open doors can close automatically. The motion sensor on the premises is a movement, the camera turns on, which is much more energy efficient than a continuous operation of the camera. Conclusion solutions and control stations in the area of building automation and building security were largely with the classic IT linkable. Such closed Architectures and proprietary standards make it difficult the integration and efficiency along the process chain in the facility management since then.

In the practical handling this meant even less comfort, safety and efficiency in the representation of many States and the ability to trigger status-related reactions in addition to the high costs for cabling. An investment in future-oriented network of objects and properties is advisable even for medium-sized companies as soon as possible to save operating costs and increasing responsiveness to external requirements. The open industry standards based on Internet technology many new opportunities in the monitoring as well as in the processing of operations. Gradually rolls approach, companies can accurately rebuild the system and expand, the technology is highly scalable and precisely designed. Also in terms of functionality, needs remain, in the end, the system works like a central nervous system, which triggers reactions in certain perceptions. A platform-independent, highly scalable visualization, an integrated real time task and workflow management, an intelligent data storage and efficient engineering tools are the basis for such solutions.

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