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Basic Skills In Financial Management

Management consists of five elements, namely: planning, organization, leadership, coordination and control. Management based on organizational activities, organization and resources to succeed. For successful organization of work and investment in innovation must be tentative and careful planning. Effective planning requires persistence and a willingness to deal with difficulties. It is important that team leader and […]

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Capital Management

When most traders buy – they should sell! Or fear, the main emotion, scares them away from a great deal. Or their rate is too high. Capital management process is emotional and not logical. 3. Greed prevails, proving that you are more motivated by greed than fear and Understanding the difference. The mere fact that […]

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Unit Investment Fund

Well Finally, you'll spend much more time (though you can always take advantage of state-owned blocks, so that you have and reduce the risks). The third way – investing in precious metals and stones. Income in the case of buying the physical metal you can not get at all. And still pay 18% income tax […]

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General Advice

And we unconsciously waiting for recommendations and advice from nih.Eta uncertainty and fear for the consequences of their own decisions and is the stopper, "thanks" to which we and remain at that level of financial wealth, which are now. Here lies the reason that 90% of those who still trying to find its own independent […]

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