Invention Environment

Environments That Foster Invention

Cooperation Technique

In general way, the rise of the number of agriculturists seated for the agrarian reform and the creation of the Pronaf (National Program of Reinforcement of Familiar Agriculture) reflect and instrumentalizam the innumerable ones debates in the society. Already the analysis of familiar agriculture in Brazil is a decurrent special task of the available data […]

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Special Credit

The electoral victory of the Party of the Workers, with the support of innumerable social movements and the ownership of Squid as president in 2003 despertaram enormous hopes of social change and politics in Brazil, with respect to elaboration and implementation social programs where we can cite the program ' ' Brazil For Todos' ' […]

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Social Nets

More than what the simple fusing of the words Social Nets with E-Commerce, Social is the fusing between these two concepts. In it, what one searchs is the use of the social nets with the objective to get commercial transactions. The responsible professional for Social must be a person integrated with the company, knowledge on […]

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Banking Institutions

The banking sector, in Brazil, has taken care of consuming each time most informed, demanding and conscientious with regard to what they wait of a banking institution and its rights as customers. Together with the advent of new technologies, had appeared new canals of attendance as the central offices of attendance for telephone, the Internet […]

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United Nations

The same one possesss a system of net of sewer with a percentage of 41%, being as bigger of the region, it has broken importantssima that it adds possibility of growth as portraied in its IDH-Index de Human Desenvolvimento of 0,740? The PNUD – (Program of United Nations for the Development) it is third bigger […]

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