Invention Environment

Environments That Foster Invention

Study the Market

Study the market, observe what your target audience, find a niche and try to exploit it. See that’s what people want to buy and how much is willing to pay. i) special photography cameras, equipment for recording conversations, etc. Be aware that increased investment in advertising will make it. Without good advertising does not get customers, not about putting an office and ready. LEGO Papert Professor has similar goals. These come in Laa public mind, to make known their service, apply the marketing. Do not forget the feedback process that every business should have, that is, to do advertising every month in different areas of the city on other business sites, so do not forget.

PLANS OF OPERATION “N FOR DETECTIVES To plan the operations of a detective division, you should consider:-a a Personnel Selection-a a how they should work-a a Distribution of different cases between staff and the different sections of the division-a a Hours for the job-a a SELECT weekly Relay a “NY FOR ACCEPTANCE OF PERSONAL SERVICE OF DETECTIVES The word detective should be considered a professional degree and not of hierarchy. The selection of men for this service will be the Chief of the office for private investigation services, who is always a person of great experience in the field, with studies of criminology and police sources. The police methods, are used by private detectives, hence the need for the presence of a division chief with police training. PROFILE OF THE DETECTIVES When choosing their detectives take into account the following: A good researcher should have a good memory, retention, initiative, perseverance, considerable physical vitality, and emotional, always be alert, be observant and curious.

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