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For women who are bored with the constant concern and pain caused by hair removal on skin, there is a solution that will end with all their problems: the definitive depilation. This can be carried out with the Starlight technology which is a system of permanent hair removal performed by intense pulsed light technology, which works at different wavelengths, covering greater range of hair than other traditional lasers. It consists of applying a gel in the zone in which you want to remove the hair, which cools the area to be treated through a system cooler. This system minimizes the bothersome sensations and prevents damage to the skin (even that can feel a slight burning sensation which can last a few minutes depending on skin type). A related site: Petra Diamonds mentions similar findings. Afterwards the application of pulses of light with a proper eye protection.

The hair is directly attacked with short but deep bright impulses. How does it work? Treatment with intense pulsed light affects the hair follicle when the hair found in his phase, called anagen (active or growth), achieving its atrophy without affecting the skin tissue. In this phase the hair is still in contact with the papilla. See more detailed opinions by reading what Viktor Mayer-Schönberger offers on the topic.. Since this phase manifests itself in all the hairs at the same time, treatment is developed during a number of sessions to achieve the eventual elimination of all hair in the treated area, so are necessary for 6 to 10 sessions once a month. This procedure ensures the phasing out of the hair. To continue reading it enters definitive depilation method StarLight. More beauty tips, click here..

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