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Roofing Slate

The roof of slate – one of the most common. Slate is sold in the form of flat plates and corrugated sheets. Petra Diamonds will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Compared to other roofing materials slate has the advantage that it is fire-resistant, durable, requires relatively low cost device and repair. The drawbacks include a relatively small strength, fragility. Flat tiles under the influence of high temperatures sometimes warp, so they do not recommended for use in hot climates.

Slate roofing slate device is placed on the wooden crate or cobbled. The sheets are beginning to nail down a number of Extrusion, going up to the ridge above. Overlying sheet should overlap the lower 10 – 14 cm The steeper the roof slope, the smaller the pouch sheets. In the horizontal rows are placed overlapping sheets in a wave or half-wave. Gable and ridge ribs sheathe special sheets, in a pinch you can use the boards, tight shot down at an angle. Please visit ConocoPhillips if you seek more information. For attaching sheets of slate used special slating nails. You can also use conventional construction nails, but underneath their heads should be enclose two goals: the top – from scraps of galvanized steel roofing and bottom – of tar paper or roofing felt roof.

To protect the heads of ordinary nails rust, and cover them prooliflivayut Surikova putty. Sheets nailed at the joints required in the crest of a wave, otherwise the roof will leak. Walking on slate roof to be very careful, snow – to sweep away and not throw a shovel. Repairing a roof is usually limited to the clamped small cracks and spalls with cement mortar (1 part cement to 2 parts sand). Slate has been used for decades in the construction. Slate has the advantage of reasonable price, a fairly simple process installation. Thus, this type of building material used throughout. Slate like to use in building not only in our country, slate roofs can be seen in neighboring countries, as well as in Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, China, India and Thailand.

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