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His name is only used in comparisons unaccompanied popular: It’s a John Doe, it is said, never is one-so, or is a Zutano. This deduction is reinforced because of the three is the only one that supports a distinctive addition, as shown in the description is a John Doe. Whenever I rummage in my mind imagine these names to their qualities and behaviors, something inside me is opposed to imagine serious people. No reason justificatory, and simple intuition, not occur to me to assume that characters were clarified, because it was in Spain in the times past, the downcast, the polyglot, astrologers and so many other individuals of privileged status. Who could imagine Fulano clerical garb in bright purple, with a bonnet star Mengano cosmographer or astrologer, Zutano and the cross and the sword of the Master of Calatrava? Impossible. None of the three was imminent. Another song would be if they were born in our countries, because one might assume presidents, congressmen and mayors without violating an iota of imagination.

I think the founders of the Trinitarian dynasty, who knows what century were three innocent village idiots, the kind which exists in every place, but had no aspirations other than to remain stupid. Neither had they crossed the mind the idea of being mayor of the town, as at present. A John Doe I imagine pig farmer, manure caked, bearded prominent belly, that did not use eating utensils and served for such need of hands, without any news of that the sun is the sun, let alone that the letters are classified into vowels and consonants. A miller Mengano guess what, powdery flour, resting when I could between bags of grain, meditating on how to juggle a hundred grams for each kilogram with a brain crammed with superstitions and sayings legacy as one that says you’d better be one-eyed blind. Zutano as a third person could not match the previous intelligence, and I have no other possibility than conjecture as a farmer whose wisdom was reduced to know that men can be bald or hairy. In a Latin American country that I release to point me to avoid complications, the three have not been enough to disparage classical examples for others, to the point that they have invented a room, Perengano, no less insignificant than their predecessors.

Given the desire of individuals in that country for not allowing the excellence of others, is conjecture that population growth in the population consequently add others over time, expendable all of them in any civilization, might be called eventually Martingano, Fernandiano or Lopengano, provided that end in-ano. I propose to call them “glorious insignificant,” provided they do not clear their names, nor to where they live, in safeguarding our right to die in bed with priestly assistance after writing the holographic will.

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