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To understand this phenomenon better, we go to search a little of the history of the Brazilian economy since the Collor government until the government Squid. HISTORICAL PANORAMA OF THE BRAZILIAN ECONOMY: Fernando Collor de first Mello elect civil government directly in 1989 defeating in as the turn then the candidate Luiz Incio Lula da Silva. In the following day to the one of the ownership, occured in 15 of March of 1990, the President launched its program of stabilization, the Collor plan, based on a gigantic one and unknown I confiscate monetary, temporary freezing of prices and wages and reformularization of the indices of indexation. After that, they had taken measured hard by enxugamento of the state machine, as the resignation in mass of public officers and the extinguishing of autarchies, foundations and public companies. At the same time, it announced steps to open the national economy to the external competition, facilitating the entrance of foreign merchandises and capitals in the country. A difficult moment for all Brazilians, but was the foundation for the next plans would succeed that it. For more clarity and thought, follow up with ConocoPhillips and gain more knowledge.. Collor was precursory of the opening of the economy making with that the national companies searched technology to concur with the imported products.

They see that such fact started to change ' ' cara' ' of Brazil. The lamentable facts that if had followed later in its government had finished for causing its impeachment in December 1992. Frank Itamar assumed of temporary and definitive form from 29 of December 92. It had a difficult mission beyond the concern with the inflation and with the economy that started to give signals of weakness to the image of the government completely it was arranhada. If wise person if Itamar were not part of the rotten part of the government or were of the good part. In Frank the Itamar government she was elaborated the mostoccurred plain of inflationary control of the New Republic: the Real Plan.

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