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Pitty Band

It is difficult to divide what it is the history of the Pitty band or what is the history of the Pitty singer, artistic name of Priscila Novaes Leone. The singer is the face and the spirit of the band, creating a direct identification with rockeiro public young e. Pitty always liked rock and frequentava since early the bahian wheels of rock. Its musical career started in the Shes band as baterista and followed later in the Inkoma, as vocalista. Together with the musicians Peu (guitar and violes), Dunga (low) and Duda Axe (battery), it decided to risk and started the band who takes its name.

The band made success for where she passed and she called the attention Rafael Branches, producer that discovered bands as Raimundos and Matanza. Rafael took the Pitty band with all its integrant ones for So Paulo to produce the first album of its careers. The brilliant ' ' Admirable Chip Novo' ' of 2003, it took the band to the height of a form that all musics had been success and touched in the radios of the country. For possessing a marcante image, the vocalista Pitty star the majority of the clips of the band that, they costumam to be success of hearing in MTV. As the album came in 2005 and took the name of ' ' Anacrnico' ' made success still more, arriving to vender 500 a thousand copies more than.

Pitty continued calling attention fans and the media with bold clips. The first DVD ' ' DES Concert to the Vivo' ' it came in 2007, after turn of ' ' Anacrnico' ' , and also it counted on COMPACT DISC and a cellular one that it came with the complete album. The last album of studio of the Pitty band was launched in the year of 2009 and takes the name of ' ' Chiaroscuro' '. As all the works of the career of the band, the album was a success. Single of estria ' ' Me Adora' ' if it became plus a success in a shining career young e. Musics, as well as the letters of the Pitty band are stuffed of personality and attitude. Who likes a good rock cannot leave to confer the letters of the Pitty in sites as ' ' Which is the letter of msica' ' , that they are repletos of letters of musics to leave singing these true hymns the rock brazuca.

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