Invention Environment

Environments That Foster Invention

Pierre Sanchis

However, the society equally feeds in us the impression of continued dependence. As it has nature that it she is proper, different of our nature of individual, it aims at the ends that it are also special: but, as only he can atingiz them for our intercession, rezinga imperious our competition. It determines that, lost of our interests, in them let us become its servers and in attributes all privation, bothering condition to them and of sacrifices without which the social life would be dificlima. It is therefore that at every moment we are forced in them to submit the thought and behavior norms that we did not make nor we desire, and that to the times they are until opposing to our intentions and our essential impulses. The sacred and profane landmark of for Durkheim if produces in the form of the negation. The way of the sacred one is where it distinguishes itself from profane for a series of determination and the ritual impediments move away that it from the profane one. The religion contains ritual techniques and a well accented institucional form. This institucional form it titulou of ' ' Igreja' ' , that we need to perceive in the direction of the experience of a well determined ceremonial organization tied the people who exert its beliefs.

… a religion is a solidary rule of referring practical following beliefs and the sacred things, that is, moved away, forbidden; practical beliefs and that they bind in the same moral community, called church, all the ones that it if joins. as component that it appears in our definition is not less basic than the first one; therefore, showing that the religion image is essential of the church idea, it makes to observe that the necessary religion to be thing in group eminent way. (DURKHEIM, 1978: 79) As Pierre Sanchis, (1997, P.

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