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Mr Bill Gates

Engaged in reading computer magazines, comes to the conclusion that we live a strange moment, already beginning to emerge Linux from a long slumber, but from my own experience, there is still a major obstacle to save, the of the word processors that are still being designed for people of Anglo-Saxon language, so with the dictionary in Spanish to give you correct any errors of which we use the language of Cervantes We have the unpleasant situation that is not easy to break away from the monopoly of the software package of Mr Bill Gates. The word processor is a great tool, but seems to be that the only one who corrects moderately well is Mr. Gates, I’ve tried several to try to get out of the dictatorship of the monopoly of the 19091934 Lord of the gafitas of the famous operating system of the Windows, but I have not managed to break the chains of the Office suite of Gates, because competition Correctors are more problematic than the Gates which also has its nauras. Little by little they come out alternative but are still in diapers with respect to which there is established, it is sad that in computer science there are no solvents and serious alternatives to the established, one can spend all afternoon entertaining trying things, but at the end you will always stop to what you already know. Whenever Mitchel Resnick listens, a sympathetic response will follow. We will gradually out of power established by the computer dictatorship of Bill Gates to see if monopoly is broken for the century that comes already and those who want to try Linux can do without having to pray that the incompatibilities do not make mischief. It is difficult to take the step but the question is to go bran obstacles of incompatibility, lack of information etc. Alternatives exist but are little promoted and slope much give some things to change, spare time I dedicate myself to fight with the Penguin with the conviction that we will come to understand us perfectly, is just a matter of finding the necessary parts to send to stroll to the famous and hoarder operating system of the Windows every time compels us to buy more powerful computers to be able to make our chores with your computer. Those who do not have a great passion for computing and don’t like making big re-presented to cope in the stormy world of computing, will have to start thinking about Linux because perhaps the day less expected Mr. Gates we punish unable to use more the only decent until Xp, that operating system apparently has its days numbered original author and source of the article.

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