Invention Environment

Environments That Foster Invention

Marck Zongwerg

A day without giving me account left me to lift the left foot and suddenly did not already see TV. I could not embrace the computer like a pillow, still smoking cigarettes marlboro white but now already not you quietaba them the filter, I noticed that he also smoked more than two packs per day, I realized after a month that not left to walk much by sidewalks rather than the corner oxxo (to buy coca-cola and cigarettes) and that no one already marked the phone or if ever it sounded not answered it, because suddenly already had so many friends in this site of and so many things on my page that I had even forgotten my promise to this showcase front that dress that my 33 years passed I would marry and have a wedding with an ideal woman. I’m 44 years old now and I’ve broken my promise, but I’ve known so many victories of 33 years, Scorpion which in any way would have never found this woman only and perfect, besides what if there are already so many profiles equal to the woman of my dreams in the network? Thank you Mr Marck Zongwerg by inventing the now only need to pay with time my internet and pay the maintenance of my notebook I think I’ve matured and learned that not I lose the head by a promise or something worse, thanks to I am a better person..

Thu, August 22 2013 » News