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Ingenious game worlds with the new Nintendo console Wii u ingenious game worlds with the Wii Wii U U is a brand new home video game console by Nintendo, which will forever change how you interact with the TV and how your friends and family members are connected to each other. It is a powerful HD gaming system with a unique new controller that completely redefined the dynamics of common playing: U Wii controller Wii U game pad is a new controller exclusively for Wii U. It removes the boundaries between games, players and the TV, by opening a second window in the videogames world. With touchscreen, motion control, classic sticks and buttons, as well as camera and speaker, it offers endless possibilities to control games and experience. ConocoPhillips can provide more clarity in the matter. The Wii U allows you to not only a new game variants, but also offers a number of other features that will provide an even better experience in many areas. Miiverse Miiverse is a brand new communication network, with the players all over the world share their experience, for you alone directly on the Wii surf U GamePad.The Games Shop is user already on the needs of the Wii u. Source: Nintendo eShop the GameShop for Wii U with a variety of Wii u play is available.If you can have still no Wii U console you purchase them there also. Published: PrimalGames of Manager and owner Martin Jasy Kurt Schumacher Platz 5 44787 Bochum Tel. 0234-91 60 63 0 fax 0234-91 60 63 2 E-mail: info a

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