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Katrin Strube

The existing modules are used as well. LCN are typical additional cost savings possible! Visually, the LCN GT2 in the classic GT design comes along. The precious mineral glass surface is in black, white and silver mirror lenses available and perfectly complements the other elements of the series. After the LCN GT3L has the LCN GT2 now also patented Corona led wall lighting as a second control on the, and in addition a blue LED buttons backlighting and red status LEDs, which with the modes on, off, BLINKING and flickering at any time represent the current state of the periphery. Altogether, so 20 LEDs for optimal usability and visual sophistication. The brightness of the LEDs can be individually set in.

This is particularly advantageous for the installation in bedrooms. The lighting can be used as night and orientation lighting, without doing excessive brightness to sleep disturb. The caption of the sensor surfaces and for the design of the user interface the already well-known film technique of the LCN GT series was taken over. Thus also the LCN GT2 can individually designed and at any time with new or other functions are studied. After the buttons using LCN-PRO have been allocated and configured, is simply a slide with the desired symbols behind the glass pushed and clamped on a small plastic slide. The film can be easily yourself to make using the design software supplied. This is very easy and can be carried out by the builders subsequently according to his wishes. Technical data of LCN-GT2 capacitive sensor keypad with 2 keys – 2 capacitive sensor surfaces for the LCN commands of short/long/Los – switchable: 1 keys and 2-button operation, as well as 1st and 2nd keys – 2 red status LEDs to display any operations, States individually programmable – 10 blue LEDs for backlighting keys – 8 white Corona LEDs to the wall / accent lighting -.

Glass frames in different colours and designs available – dimensions: (B x H x T): 90 mm x 90 mm x 16, 9 mm (5 mm glass thickness) – power supply: status LEDs on LCN-bus module, buttons backlighting and Corona LEDs of UP PSU LCN-NUI – operating temperature:-10 C to + 40 C use: in dry rooms in a fixed installation to 632, 637 – VDE VDE protection class: IP 20 – mounting: mounting plate incl. LCN-TED on flush-mounted box company presentation the BREMIAN KG is an international oriented, medium-sized family-owned company headquartered in Rethen at Hanover. With LCN, it offers the solution for forward-looking electricians and ambitious builders. Functionality and reliability of the bus system unique in its kind provide safety, comfort and energy efficiency in buildings of all types. LCN stands for building automation in perfection and is produced and developed exclusively in Germany.

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