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Jose Ramon Paez

The woman was in irreversible coma since last July 26. In principle it was sondada as a measure to be powered, but the old woman had expressed on many occasions their desire not to receive treatment. The Junta de Andalucia obliges a hospital to apply the law of death with dignity. Ramona Estevez, 91 years old woman entered in the Blanca Paloma de Huelva hospital to which the past August 23 retired him nasogastric it in application of the law of death with dignity of Andalusia, has died this noon. The old woman has died around noon hours of this Tuesday, just 14 days after the adoption of a decision and your body already has been transferred to Atlantic funeral home in the Huelva province. The woman was in irreversible since last July 26 after coma of that would suffer a stroke and while in principle it was sondada by the physicians of the hospital centre as a measure to be fed, the claim of the family before the Department of health motivated the intervention of this so that, in law enforcement, withdraw you what was understood as a treatment. The son of the deceased, Jose Ramon Paez, has been eased by the fact that his mother is now resting and has insisted that the only thing that has been done, in relation to his case, has been the meet will often the elderly expressed in life. Will questioned by the Association right to live (DAV), whose spokesman in Huelva, Eduardo Gomez, has considered that what happened with Ramona Estevez is a clear case of euthanasia. Gomez, who has moved the condolences to the family, has shown his desire for that never again happen cases like this, a case of abandonment to a supposed will that consists for the testimony not written and which has caused the death of this person not as a consequence of the stroke he suffered, but starvation, not to receive neither drink nor food.

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