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Japanese Americans

How to improve the technology? Yes, you can simply buy, buy new technology and all. If you have read about Professor of Internet Governance already – you may have come to the same conclusion. How to improve cash flow management? Yes, simply educated financiers, it is desirable to people who differ from the irr of the nip. How to improve planning, also involving specialists. Not necessarily experts in the state run organization, it is best to my understanding – it is the consultants from outside, who would come and do their job professionally. And here is how to improve the quality of personnel, personnel to satisfy hunger is much more complicated.

I constantly hear how people make work better if he does not want, how to get employees to perform extra work that they do not quit? To these questions are answered Deyming, an American consultant who was invited to Japan, where he introduced his principles, and then, a paradox, the Japanese have already begun to teach Americans to quality management, and interestingly enough, the Americans did not hesitate to learn from Japanese. So Deyming wrote sixteen principles by which one can improve the quality of management of the organization. Each principle is suitable in some cases for the specific situation at a particular time. To learn Deyminga use the principles of need to start to understand. In Russia Vadim Magpies, ceo of Rand Tools For in your company has implemented a system of principles Deyminga reduced the number of marriage from 65 percent to 0.6 percent.

This suggests that in Russia there are principles of quality management, you should not say that it is only for Japanese Americans, and we learn to work qualitatively. After all, we want to get cheap loans and to business abroad. Then go ahead and start breaking the management of their company, it is difficult, for example, not to punish the worker for the damage a marriage is difficult, so I hear, directly deprive Prize and so on, I'm here Deyming clever man says no need to punish but rather to encourage the marriage did not hide, but the management knows the total number of marriages in the production, without additions, and knows how to cut the number of marriages. And this is the beginning, then there are still methods that can be implemented in my company, we need only the patience and desire.

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