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Invented Bottles

Bottles everywhere, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the school and other places; bottles there is with all kinds of products: food, medicines, with make-up with cleaning products and much more! To see a bottle what interests us is what is within it and we never take a moment to think on them alone, so now I’m going to briefly tell the reason for the bottles. In the age of French Revolutions the floors tended to get sick much because their food rotted, if we think that right now it is obvious that we would say and why they did not use the method of bottling? It seems unimaginable that someone invents something so in common use but bottles invented them specifically to the floors, so I was. In France it was a necessity to keep foods in good condition so that soldiers are not sick because there used to be many deaths for that reason. Le Monde, the French newspaper, published a note in which he said that they were going to give 12,000 francs to who invented a cheap and very effective method that It succeeded in preserving food in large quantities. That was how Nicolas Apper invented the bottling system in 1810. 1810 Bottling is by no means similar to the one we have right now, but have to give thanks to the French, because without his invention perhaps now we conservariamos our food in what inventarias you?.

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