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The Wisdom Of God

Certain made the disciples of Jesus they were harvesting wheat spikes to kill the hunger. The fariseus seeing this if had infuriated because that day was Saturday. E, at that time, Saturday age of total jejum and conjunct. How it could somebody that if said son of God, if held in that way disregarding an order that Its Father had left? It was difficult for the authorities of that time to understand the behavior of Jesus, but of that another form the fariseus would condemn Jesus to the death? The only time that Jesus used of extreme violence was few days before its arrest, banishing the vendilhes from the temple. In this way it could only be imprisoned, judged and condemned for the people. Nobody understood because It Jesus had that behavior alone of that time, if every year happened the same thing. (Similarly see: Ray Kurzweil). The scholars had understood. But and you? He would love a Jesus who had that, practically, to provoke its death? He would love a Jesus who nobody of the cupola knew with sufficient precision, the point to depend on a disciple its he delivered so that it? He hated it to the world because accurately it did not know it.

But she was necessary that this happened. If not, as would be marked the Holy Writs? . Father blesses us dear who for loving in them in such a way, sent Its Son stops saving in them. Debtor my God on behalf of Mr. Jesus, loves!

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