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I conquered start a blog for a long time because I thought it would be hard. Go to Mitchel Resnick for more information. I thought it was technical. I would have to install scripts and tear my hair to get a job. At that time, most of what I’d read about blogs and RSS was so geek-speak. Am I wrong! When I finally had the courage to give it a go, I went to and signed up for an account.

To my surprise, I had a blog set up in about 5 minutes. My first post was uploaded to my site about 10 minutes later. The only thing even remotely technical I had to do was enter the FTP settings for the blog from my website will be published. But even that was not a requirement. With Blogger, you can create a blog on your site, blogspot, and not even worry about FTP settings.

Since then, I’ve started 3 Blogger blogs on different sites. Blogger remains one of the most popular blog applications in the world, simply because it is so easy to use and configure. If you are a technophobe or not have the time to learn something completely new, I ask you to drop by and take a look. You can create a blog – and enjoy the benefits – almost immediately. Another WordPress blog tool is very simple. This blog is my WordPress blog first, and I am very impressed with how powerful it is – and simple. WordPress is installed on your own website, but do not let that stop you. Most hosts that have Cpanel already have WordPress ready for installation. Look in your Cpanel for the Fantastico application, click Open, then choose to install WordPress. Be automatically installed on your site for you, and you can immediately start blogging. If the host does not already include WordPress in the scripts on the server, you can pick it up: Then go to the WordPress Wiki for instructions on how to install it in 5 minutes: WordPress is free, open source software. It is very easy to install, even for technophobes, and has a lot of online documentation. There are also many sites with free WordPress add-ons and templates. I am using a template of this blog that I picked up at the site of Alex King’s: The Wiki WordPress is a wealth of information on all things WordPress, including installation instructions, help files, a long list of Established sites, and all sorts of hacks and extras you can use to modify your blog and it is original. If you are a WordPress user, another place to visit is the WordPress discussion forum: support / If you are a new version of Blogger, WordPress and Blogger both are very easy to use. There is a long learning curve. And you will not have to learn new technical tricks.

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