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Camera 'quick freezing' is a heat-insulated circuit, equipped with input and output, between which the movement of trucks, shelving units with a semi. Trolley apparatus batch (Or a stationary cold storage) are used for freezing meat, fish, offal, poultry, fruits, berries and vegetables. This type of equipment typically used in performance – up to 500 kg / hour in terms of continuous system freeze. Camera types: conveyor, bogie. As a chamber equipment used coolers with a larger fin pitch heat transfer surface, thus increasing while the refrigeration between defrost cycles. The cells are special types of coolers 'shock-froster' to ensure a uniform rate of freezing, by blowing on carts across the frontal plane.

The uniformity of temperature distribution over the layers of product and speed of heat removal are dependent on the location of the product and air streams. The use of 'shock-frosterov' reduces the time spent in the semi-shock freezing chamber, and the cost of electricity to freeze production unit. freezers dsi (Denmark), with the following advantages: – optimal Plate Size: width 1120.1230 or 1650 mm.; length from 1550 to 2440 mm. – Unique design – Low power consumption – Ease of maintenance and cleaning – Suitable for freezing products in blocks of the most common sizes Construction: Tiled freezers mounted on a sturdy galvanized steel frame with two hydraulic cylinders. This ensures a constant uniform pressure plates and receiving quality of frozen blocks of products. Job: Contact freezing apparatus in tile is a fast and economical way of freezing as a consequence of bilateral contact with the surface of the block of the product freezer plates. Moreover, rapid low temperature freezing maintains the high quality product. Product types: Horizontal plate freezers dsi is ideal for freezing: – Shrimp – Fillets in blocks – Vegetables – Fish – grinded product specifications standard range of devices DSI: Number of freezing stations: from 6 to 18 Frame: Hot-closed profile Waffle plate: Resistant to sea water of food aluminum alloy Caps: Stainless Steel Hoses Refrigerant: Flexible ptfe hoses for R22, reinforced by stainless steel and individually tested under pressure, flexible hoses stainless steel for R717, individually tested with a pressure hose fittings: Stainless Steel Hydraulic Cylinders: corrosion-proof material class 3 stainless steel hydraulic circuit hydraulic drive: Manual Management Standard Operating Pressure cookers: 0,35 bar (4,9 psi) Compliance: ce – dnv – Russian Maritime Register of Shipping – gost – EU

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